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Gridarta for Daimonin
Gridarta for Daimonin

Gridarta for Crossfire
Gridarta for Crossfire

Latest release version: - (no release yet)

What is Gridarta?

Gridarta is an open source (GPL) Map Editor for 2D MMORPGs. Gridarta currently supports Angelion, Crossfire and Daimonin.

Download Gridarta

We don't yet provide an official download version of Gridarta. The projects that Gridarta is developed for and derived from offer download versions and installation instructions for their versions of Gridarta. Besides, you can always access the latest source code through subversion.

Get Gridarta4Angelion

Work on Gridarta4Angelion is planned but hasn't started yet. Gridarta4Daimonin currently works fine for Angelion except support for mapstacking. You can edit heights but Gridarta won't display them (yet).

Get Gridarta4Crossfire

Gridarta4Crossfire is aka CrossfireEditor. The crossfire website has some useful information about this for you, including a link to download an alpha pre-release of Gridarta4Crossfire:

Get Gridarta4Daimonin

Gridarta4Daimonin is aka DaimoninEditor. An alpha pre-release of Gridarta4Daimonin comes with the Map Maker Package.

Gridarta Documentation

Contact the Gridarta developers

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