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Gridarta: How to help

Helping is always welcome. There basically are two ways how you can help:

Helping as a User
Use Gridarta, test beta versions and provide feedback, e.g. bug reports and feature requests.
Helping as a Developer
Develop Gridarta using your Java skills.

Helping as a User

Helping as a Developer

Useful information for developers

How to start

Once the existing Gridarta team sees that you're doing a good job and would be a valuable member of the Gridarta development team, you should give them your SF account information and they will add you as a member to the Gridarta SF team and get a Mantis developer account. You will then also receive an Open Source License key for IntelliJ IDEA, the IDE used by the Gridarta developers.

What you should know

The IRC Channel #gridarta at is the most important information exchange amongst gridarta developers, besides the issue trackers. Joining it regularly is very helpful.

Ragnor, Zergus and Cher have extremely high standards, regarding programming in general as well as Java programming in particular. So if your patch isn't accepted or gets highly modified, that's normal.

It's known that the project doesn't work well with NetBeans. We're working on this issue, but with low priority. It should work with Eclipse, though not tested. The IDEs used by the current development team are Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA and Vim. LogoSupport This Projectfreshmeat.netValid HTML 4.01!Valid CSS! Feedback: webmaster
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