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History of Gridarta

This document describes the history of the Gridarta project (newest to oldest).


In 2006, Christian Hujer, Daniel Viegas (Daimonin) and Andreas Kirschbaum (CrossFire) decided that it would be a good idea to reunite the development effort of these two editors. They created "Gridarta" as a project for merging the two editors CFJavaEditor and DaimoninEditor into a single one.

The name "Gridarta" was chosen as a combination of the words "grid" and "art". It's an imitation of the original "Gridder" name. It's reminiscence of "Siddharta" is a nice coincidence.


In 2005, Christian Hujer started lead maintenance of DaimoninEditor, adding numerous features.


Since 2002, CFJavaEditor and DaimoninEditor were projects developed independently of each other.

In 2002, Michael Toennies created Daimonin as an independent branch of CrossFire out of ISO-CrossFire, the version of CrossFire with isometric graphics. For Daimonin, CFJavaEditor became DaimoninEditor.


In 2001, Andreas Vogl started maintaining CFJavaEditor, adding a lot of features.


In 2000, Pasi Keränen published Gridder, a simple level editor for 2D games. Based on Gridder, Michael Toennies created CFJavaEditor, a map editor for the popular MMORPG CrossFire, which soon replaced the original crossedit application for editing maps for CrossFire. LogoSupport This Projectfreshmeat.netValid HTML 4.01!Valid CSS! Feedback: webmaster
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