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Project Gridarta Started


Dear People,

(intended audience: map makers, active gamers and developers of crossfire and
derived MMORPGs, especially Angelion, Crossfire, Daimonin)

The DaimoninEditor, Daimonin's successor of the CFJavaEditor, has "grown up" and
become a sourceforge project of its own. It is called "Gridarta" now. The name
Gridarta combines "grid" and "art" and coincidently also reminds of
The project "Gridarta" was founded by zergus and me (Cher).

@devs: I hope I have added all relevant (in the sense of interested in active
       Java map editor development) developers of Crossfire and Daimonin to the
       Gridarta development team. If you think you should belong there but were
       forgotten, please send me an e-mail.

@devs: Also don't forget to subscribe the gridarta mailing lists.
@all: read more on the new gridarta homepage

1. Import source of both, Crossfire and Daimonin's Java map editors in Gridarta.
2. Setup build environment which fits the needs of both projects. (done)
3. Release the first version of Gridarta for Daimonin.
4. Replace Daimonin's Java map editor in Daimonin's CVS repository with
   something that gets Gridarta instead.
5. Merge Crossfire's editor into Daimonin's editor, whilst creating a test suite
   which performs the required tests whether gridarta works correctly with
   current crossfire resp. Daimonin data.

Long live Crossfire and Daimonin! Happy mapping :)

Christian Hujer
Free software developer
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