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Gridarta TODO list

Rules for developers: If you add something to this TODO list, also put your name aside the TODO entry. A name aside a TODO entry denotes the author of the TODO entry (not the developer the entry is assigned to).

Note: This list does not contain bugs. This list's purpose is serving as a single source of information on planned changes and features to the crossfire and daimonin developer teams.

High Priority

Cher: Add Connection View
The Connection view should display all connections and highlight a particular connection of a map.
See also: Daimonin Mantis #0000066: connection browser tab
Cher: Merge Validator
Daimonin has a map validator that's also useful for crossfire.
Cher: Match dialog editor
Magic ears and simple NPCs have a simple regex based communication system. There should be an integrated editor for such messages.
See also: Daimonin Mantis #0000399: adding a book interface to the editor
Cher: Merge tool selector from daimonin to gridarta/crossfire
Daimonin has a configurable tool selector. This tool selector allows assigning specific tools (currently available: delete, insert, select) to the three mouse buttons. This should be moved to gridarta to make it available for crossfire, too. Additionally this tool should be extended to have a context menu tool that's the default tool for the right mouse button. Also add a feature that resets the tool config to its initial state. TODO: discuss with the daimonin and crossfire communities if they want rmb for context menu per default in new versions of gridarta.
Cher: Merge keyboard control from daimonin to gridarta/crossfire
Daimonin has a keyboard control. The code already is mostly moved from daimonin to gridarta, but still only used by gridarta, not by crossfire. Think about keyboard shortcuts that are good for GUI users and that are good for vi users.


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